About Peacock Art Institute

The institute was started on 14th November 1995 by Mrs. K.Kamala, an artist based in Chennai. Her vision was to nourish artistic talents in students and at the same time to give opportunities to little artists. Children having potential need a guide who can take them on the right path and show a new perspective of this wonderful and elegant world.


Art is a wonderful medium to express our thoughts. Each children is like a rose bud which spreads love and they have a huge creative mind full of fantastic ideas. These ideas are like precious gems and the institute takes good care of these creative ideas. The institute trains the children about the techniques of drawing and painting.


Any art work is as beautiful like new born baby. And when the baby smiles a new world is born in the family. For a child a drawing is a medium of expression , belief and faith. The rules of gravity may not work in his/her painting. But it does convey message. One of the institutes main goal is to develop aesthetic thoughts which is very important for drawing or painting to be labeled excellent.


Many students from the institute have participated in many art competitions in and around Chennai and won many awards. The institute has always taken keen interest in motivating the students in art and apart from art training, the institute takes personel care in teaching allied fields of art.